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Therapy can help you become your best self.

Our work together will expand your awareness of yourself, your identity and your world, and we will remove obstacles to your growth and renewal, so you can be the person you want to be. You will explore - and by exploring you will transform - the pain of depression and anxiety, of "stuckness" in guilt or shame, into a more aware, productive, satisfying life. 

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in private practice in Seal Beach, California, on a mission to help you reach your personal and emotional goals. My office is a judgment free zone in which everyone is welcome as they are.

I specialize in couples therapy, trauma therapy, and problems of addiction.  I also see individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, life and career transitions, and more.  

I am trained in a form of pre-couples'counseling known as Discernment Counseling.  This particular counseling protocol was developed, and is constantly refined, by Bill Doherty of the Doherty Relationship Institute in Minnesota.  It is designed to help couples who are in crisis, on the brink of separation and/or divorce.  The counseling helps couples make a clear decision about whether to stay in the relationship as it is, end the relationship, or commit to intensive couples' counseling for a period of 6 months.  Discernment counseling is time-limited, a highly focused process of clarifying desires and goals.  It is NOT couples' counseling itself, but, rather a process couples engage in to decide whether they want to commit to longer-term couples' counseling to remake their relationship.




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Areas of Practice

Couples therapy

Is your intimate relationship a minefield of frustration and suspicion, anger and fear? Do you yearn for a loving, gratifying relationship of mutual understanding and compassion, that makes plenty of room for growth and change? I have helped many couples find exactly that and I can help you find it too. 

anger management

If you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings of anger and rage, together we can explore how your anger is provoked and how you can manage your anger productively.  Anger is a strong, useful emotion, but it has to be managed to make best use of its power.

problems of addictions

I have worked in addiction treatment for some time and I understand the great difficulty you face when you commit to quit using substances that make your life unmanageable.  There is no judgement here, just my commitment to work with you to support you in resolving your substance habit, be it alcohol, opiates, benzos or amphetamines.  I can support you in your 12-step work, introduce you to--or help you maintain--mindfulness-based relapse-prevention skills, as well as the cognitive skills of SMART Recovery.

life transition

I can help you with major life-transitions, whatever they may be:  beginning a career or ending one; career change and loss; personal change and loss and grief.

trauma therapy & EMDR

If you suffer from PTSD I can help, using both EMDR and the Trauma Resilience Model methods. These brief, powerful protocols will help you reprocess and heal both the effects of trauma and the memories themselves.

performers difficulties

If you're a high-creative, an actor, writer, artist, musician, performer of any kind, I can help you find the energy, confidence and hope to do your work. My past work in performance helps me to understand the particular problems you face.  


You don’t have to see the whole staircase,
you just have to take the fist step.”
— Martin Luther King Jr.


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