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Dimensions Recovery 

Dimensions Santa Monica offers real-world, “nuts and bolts” recovery in the heart of Santa Monica, California. Santa Monica is known for it’s beaches and there are many serene settings for our clients to see. We’ve put our resources where we know they are most effective – into an experienced, highly-credentialed staff administering the most current cutting-edge treatment. The result is an engaging program of recovery, delivered in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.


We like to think of FootPrints Behavioral Health Center as a protective bubble. A stay in our treatment center will take you away from the world that has done you harm and from the substances threatening your health. It will keep you comfortable, safe and protected while our dedicated staff and out state-of-the-art facilities ensure that when that bubble bursts and you check-out, you’re 100% sober and 100% ready for a new beginning.


Trauma Resiliency Institute.  

The Trauma Resource Institute, a nonprofit corporation, globally cultivates trauma informed and resiliency focused individuals and communities. The Trauma Resiliency and Community Resiliency Models help individuals understand the biology of traumatic stress reactions and most importantly, learn specific skills to return the body, mind and spirit back to balance after experiencing traumatic events.  The skills can awaken the hope that has, for some, been lost after natural and human-made disasters.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Lillian Freeman LCSW 

Lillian has over twenty years experience with children and teenagers. She is trained in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology. She is a Specialist with depression, anxiety, addictions, atttachment and relational issues. In addition she have integrated the 12 Step Programs with psychotherapy. She also teaches meditation, spirituality and healing.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Adjustment Counseling

Lisa Hanes RN LMFT

Experienced in medicine and psychology, Lisa Hanes is a highly experienced and knowledgeable Licensed Therapist, Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife, working as a Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Santa Monica, California. 

Her background affords her the unique perspective of caring for the whole individual, mind and body. Therapeutic modalities are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, including: brief or long term individual, couple and family therapy as well as private home, virtual and office sesssions and workshops for pregnancy, birth and parenting guidance.